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BioCascade Incorporated, founded in 2000, opened its laboratory in Arlington, Wisconsin in early 2001. In mid-2002, BioCascade began heparin activity testing for pharmaceutical and medical device companies using validated, automated USP anti-factor Xa heparin test procedures.

BioCascade offers its industrial and research clients highly accurate and precise Anti-Xa and Anti-IIa heparin activity measurements. Company founder and President, Patrick N. Shaklee, Ph.D., served many years on WHO and USP Expert panels to assist development and standardization of industrial Anti-Xa and Anti-IIa heparin activity measurement protocols.

In 2007, BioCascade developed Kinetichrome™ Anti-Xa and Anti-IIa Heparin test kits, the first matched set of heparin activity kits specifically designed for plasma-free industrial and pharmacopeial applications. In 2009, Provision Kinetics ( was spun-off to produce and market these Kinetichrome™ Anti-Xa and Anti-IIa heparin kits, as well as other related products.

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